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In general, it is our policy to ship low-gluten breads to local parishes, religious orders or congregations, organizations with a religious affiliation (ie: hospitals etc) or to individual clergy. We do not to ship low-gluten breads directly to members of the general public. The reason for this is that in presenting individual wafers to the priest or placing them in a ciborium dedicated for low- gluten breads before Mass for later consecration, the priest has no way of knowing whether the wafer being presented constitutes valid matter as required by Canon Law and that the wafer is approved for use in the Catholic Liturgy. It is important to understand that the use of invalid matter during the Catholic Liturgy invalidates the consecration and is a serious issue for the both the priest and the individual. However, we do offer a compromise. A member of the general public  may place an order from our online store and prepay the order using their credit card and PayPal’s secure online transaction server . However, that individual MUST provide a shipping address for their local parish in the instructions/comments field available when placing the order. The order will then be shipped directly to the parish, marked to the attention of the individual The individual may then pickup their order from the parish. We recommend that the box be opened and card certifying the breads authenticity be given to the priest thus assuring him that the breads provide valid matter for the Catholic Liturgy. The local parish and individual may then work out a process for continued use that is convenient to them. In this way, both the priest and the individual benefit and both are assured that the use of the breads conform to the requirements for use in  the Catholic Liturgy. OR INDIVIDUALS MAY ORDER LOW-GLUTEN TRAVEL PACKS FROM OUR ONLINE STORE CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON LOW-GLUTEN TRAVEL PACKS