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About Our Breads On the surface, altar breads should be a simple product to produce. The simple and obvious requirements are that they be baked of pure flour and water, that it be a stable, dry product, without too little or too much moisture. In reality, careful attention to detail is what determines the final quality of the bread. Too much moisture can result in mold, and too little moisture can result in brittle, fragile bread which will not ship well without crumbs or dust. The breads are manufactured in an ultra clean plant exceeding FDA standards. There are strict controls over packaging room conditions, uniformity of temperature and humidity and other patented controls to maintain quality. The use of patented cutters to ‘seal’ the edges virtually eliminates any fragments. The breads are then hermetically sealed in boxes or the clear resealable containers to maintain their freshness. Communion Altar Breads With ... Superior Quality & Freshness Virtually No Crumbs Distinctive Designs Unique Packaging In Boxes or Clear Resealable Containers Premium Breads Combined With Premium Service Competitive pricing These breads carry ecclesiastical approval and find their way to churches throughout the continental United States, Canada, England and Australia. The breads distributed by Parish Crossroads of the highest quality, adhering strictly to the canonical requirements of the Catholic Church that the breads be made from flour and water only, without any additives. When you purchase from the Parish Crossroads, you are assured that your breads will be have virtually no fragments, be packaged to maximize freshness and be distinctive in design. Available in White, Whole Wheat and LOW-GLUTEN, different designs and several different packaging options! All of our breads are shipped by USPS within 24 to 48 hours of receipt of your order and often the same day if your order is received by 3 PM EST.
Altar Breads Mass Cards in the Catholic Tradition Our Standard Breads  Are Made in the USA We Ship Across America Low Gluten Breads  LESS THAN 20 PPM WITHIN FDA GUIDELINES NEW! FOR INDIVIDUALS If you suffer from celiac disease  or a gluten allergy/sensitivity we would like to hear your story  ... or leave a comment if you like  our products ... We look forward  to hearing from you. Parish Crossroads